Remove Shadowban From Instagram Account

There has been a ton of talk lately about the Instagram Shadowban over the last few months.

There has also been several reports of decreased engagement among thriving accounts, and people feeling like their marketing on Instagram is useless in providing a return. One of these reasons could be because your account has been Shadowbanned. Double check here with this new app.

I run several accounts and figured out that my wedding photography account had been banned for several hashtags (including #coloradowedding, etc.). I was a little pissed about this, and now I truly believe Instagram may be dangerous for your business. I will be writing a more lengthy post about this soon. But, I guess the only thing constant in life is change, and the gravy train is running dry.

A bunch of people freaked out when they figured out their account was banned. I was one of them. For the LOVE OF GOD, why!!! I am not in China trying to pimp out copied product.

I am a normal person and a momtog wedding and portrait photographer who just wants to provide for my family. So why would I get banned?!

I really don’t know. I have learned a lot about Instagram but have probably also tested some boundaries. Who knows what the kicker was. I run four Instagram accounts and my wedding one was the only one that was affected, so who really knows. That is what is scary about the power that social media has over our businesses.

Anyway, word on the street from several photographers lately was that they were sick and tired of using Instagram for their businesses. They post and post just to have engagement dwindle and no inquiries; I wonder if this shadowbanning has something to do with.

As I was freaking out, I started doing some research and trying things. So I am just going to tell you what I did and hopefully it works for you to so you can un-ban your account.

1. Report the issue (who knows if that solved it…I doubt it…but it couldn’t hurt, right?)

2. Switch your account back to a personal account if you are a business. Wait awhile, and then switch it back to a business account. I think it went though a re-authenticating process, so maybe that is the issue?

3. UPDATED 5/9/17: Stop putting hashtags in the comments. That was banning my posts too, but when I put them in the actual caption they all showed up.

After I did that I re-checked my account by posting a new picture with some of the banned hashtags.

I don’t know and I am no tech genius, but it’s worth a shot.

To prevent getting yourself banned, stay away from some of the “ban-worthy” hashtags. Don’t be spammy. Don’t use bots. Do the organic thing. I am not against any of those things because I like being efficient in business ;0), but I think that stuff may have the potential to trigger it.

Good luck! I hope that helped!

My account that was banned: @ashmeierweddings


The Rad Mommy