My Journey To Becoming A #MOMBOSS Entrepreneur (Podcast)

Listen to this podcast to hear about my journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur. It was a CRAZY journey, and something that I felt called to throughout my life. It first started for me as child of small business owners, developed during college and then became a reality when I was FIRED from my first real world job. Hear about it all in the podcast. I hope you can connect and can relate to my story, because few people know exactly what they want to do with their lives. It's a process, a journey and a calling.

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My Child Is Being a Terror and I Just Need to Finish Responding to Emails

The email struggle is real. I felt like this topic would be a great one to jumpstart our content posting. In fact, as I'm writing this my 2.5 year old is sitting in my lap and crying because she just fell down on a rope feature at this local kid's coffee shop we go to. I'm trying to get work done while she is grabbing at the positive reinforcement fruit snacks in my pocket and bumping me with every move she makes. Sitting on the floor in her carseat is my 3 month old, just chilling out and sleeping with the occasional stir looking for her Wubbanub (best pacifier ever!!). My 2.5 year old just decided she was done sitting in my lap, and is now trying to rock my newborn's carseat with her foot rather [...]

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Hi, I’m Ashley (aka The Rad Mommy)

I'm Ashley, Aka The Rad Mommy. No, I am actually not that cool. I'm not a trendsetter; my normal outfits consist of yoga pants and North Face fleeces with little variety. I rarely wear more makeup than a little powder and mascara these days, and I never plan to wear jeans again after having two children because leggings are too comfortable to give up. I do love neon and super colorful things though, so that's a little rad. I live in Colorado beer country, in a not-so-big-not-so-little city named Fort Collins. I have two daughters, a 2.5 year old spunky toddler named Eleanor Quin, and an almost 4 month old named June Dorothy. I want a third baby, but we will see what the future holds. I'm married to a football loving Kansas boy who I [...]

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Welcome To The Rad Mommy Blog // An Inspiring And Empowering Blog For Entrepreneur And Working Moms

  Welcome to The Rad Mommy blog! My goal is to inspire and empower mommies in their professional and personal lives to be content with the chaos that being an entrepreneur or working mom brings to the table. I don't have all the answers and I didn't just want to start a blog that was going to be filled with the latest trends or products, but I wanted to create a community of support and understanding so mommies can feel motivated to rock out mommy-hood in every aspect of their life. Of course my plan is to have a mix of it all plus AMAZING resources, but at the heart of my vision is a lot of fun and a network of support. What We Will Feature On Our Mommy Blog -Rad Moms in the world (we will be sporadically [...]

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