Name: Alba Ramirez

Business/Occupation: Abstract Artist

Business Description: I’m an abstract artist and my duties include creating pieces of art that give any room life. I try to create at least one to two paintings per week. I also do commissioned work depending on the type of style the client is looking for.

How long have you been painting: I started painting in 2014, but did not really get serious until 2017. Trying to experiment with different mediums and styles; I think the abstract art relates to a big group of people.

How many kids do you have: I have one son and he is 4 months old; his name is Xander. He inspired me to go full time with creating art.

What’s your daily schedule typically like: I was working full time up until I gave birth. Now, I have decided to stay home and work full time on my art while I take care of my son. Some days are tougher than others since I have to tend to my child first before I can start doing any work, so I alternate in between painting and being a mommy all day. Cooking, cleaning, etc.

What’s your best tip for maintaining work/life balance: Perseverance is key, it really takes a lot of patience and perseverance to fulfill your dreams. Sometimes I feel like giving up on painting but with a bit of patience and endurance, I can make it through any day when being a mommy takes 100% of my time and I get discouraged. One day at a time!

Biggest struggle: I think my biggest struggle is not having enough time to do everything I want to do. Also, being impatient is a big struggle for me, I want to see the results of my work nourishing right away, but I know it takes time to build a successful business.

Scariest thing that has happened to you while parenting: Nothing yet, but I think having a child with silent reflux and colic is one of the most trying times.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: Having a successful art business and hopefully showcasing some of my artwork in galleries.

Favorite place to travel to: I love the Caribbean and have been many times to relax, but I really also love Europe. I love the rich history and architecture that it offers, it’s extremely inspiring to me.

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