Name: Chloe Martin

Business Name: Baby Bear Outfitters

Business Description: I own my business, Baby Bear Outfitters, along with being a mom to my 1 year old daughter and I manage two apartment complexes. Each day is different, but usually includes coming up with new Facebook ads, taking photos for social media posts, making and shipping orders during Emma’s nap time (this takes up most of my time), and researching ways to make our products better.

How long have owned your business: I have owned my business for just over one year.

How many kids do you have: Just one, Emma and she is one.

What’s your daily schedule typically like: Wake up and eat with Emma and my husband Nate, take some photos for either advertisements or blog posts, take a trip to our storage unit and the post office, work on making and packaging orders during Emma’s nap time, cook dinner, play with Emma as a family, brush her teeth, and read her a book. While Emma is asleep for the night I try to go through all of my emails from the day and heat press any t-shirts that I need to make. Some days I have apartment duties to take care of or doctor’s appointments to go to with Nate, and some days I don’t have as much business stuff to get to. It just depends on the day.

What’s your best tip for maintaining work/life balance: I have to be honest, with a one year old and one year old business I am still figuring this out. Having my husband Nate at home makes things a lot easier, otherwise I would only be able to get things done when Emma is sleeping. I think an important thing for me to remember is that I’m doing this so I can spend more time with my family, rather than working away from home, and they always come first.

Biggest struggle: Spending too much time on the computer looking for new fabrics or researching products and advertising/social media strategy. I can get in the zone and totally lose track of time.

Scariest thing that has happened to you while parenting: Emma used to do the Moro reflex from 2-4 months of age and it was kind of scary, especially at first when we didn’t know what it was. If you don’t know what that is, it’s when an infant puts their arms and legs out and tenses up because they think they are falling, typically ending in a shrill scream as if they are in pain.

Where do you see yourself in 10 years: I see myself with maybe two more kids, a few employees, spending a lot more time with my family, owning a house in the mountains, and taking even more adventurous trips with my kids.

Favorite place to travel to: We love national parks and I think our favorite to date was Glacier National Park. I’d love to go back. My other favorite spot is pretty much anywhere with good scuba diving.

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