My Rad Mommy Blog Vision
Hello! I am absolutely stoked that you are here right now. My dream for The Rad Mommy is to empower and inspire entrepreneur and working mommies to find purpose and joy in every aspect of their lives. No, this doesn’t mean perfection and unrealistic expectations, but this does mean recognizing that we are all rad mommies one way or another. We are in this work/life juggling act together, and have a huge community of support around us that has yet to be tapped into because SO MANY MOMMIES do some kind of work outside of the home these days. I hope that you will find comfort, joy, inspiration, knowledge, resources, support and fun here, and that our community will refresh and rejuvenate your soul as you approach each day.

My Story
In West Philadelphia born and raised, on the playground is where I spent most of my days…(kidding). But, let’s be real, I’m a 90s’ child (technically born in 1986). The days of beanie babies, slap bracelets, neon and JNCOs are far behind me, but I do appreciate that I grew up in such a fun era. I actually did love the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air as a kid, along with Full House (Yay for Fuller House!!), Family MattersSaved By The Bell and all of those amazing shows. When I was younger my family was really poor, mainly because my parents were college students when I was born. I remember what a big deal it was to get a pair of Nikes when I was playing basketball in 6th grade. My parents both worked extremely hard, and eventually my dad decided to take a HUGE leap of faith and started an auto body business when I was 10 years old because his teacher’s salary wasn’t enough to provide for a family. During these years, my mom also did a ton a contract work and website design so she could stay at home with my two younger brothers and me while helping financially. This must have been where my love of entrepreneurship came from, and I was extremely lucky to have two parents who instilled an amazing work ethic in me (I had a lawn mowing business at the age of 7!). Our house was always a little messy (curse of the creatives…I must get that trait from my mom) and we were always going around from one activity to another juggling a multitude of things, but I think it truly prepared me for life as an entrepreneur and working mom.

I graduated with a BS in Business Management when the economy crashed in 2008, and shortly after started an MBA with an emphasis in Managing for Sustainability after taking a winter ski bum internship with Vail Resorts. Shortly after, I met my husband when I was finishing my hybrid MBA program while living in Breckenridge, CO, and it was love at first sight! He was my manager at the ski shop we both worked at so we spent every moment together. We were married within 10 months of meeting and moved back to Nashville where he had a real estate rehab business established prior. During that year, I felt a little bit depressed and without purpose because I was newly married, had just graduated school and moved to a completely different state where I knew absolutely no one (3 major life changes at once). I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life at the age of 25, so I started to dive into photography because it was something I had really started to enjoy. I was still so inexperienced though and felt like I needed to do something with my MBA, so I actually got a job back in Breckenridge as a banking officer. We had talked about moving back to Colorado because my family was there so the timing was perfect. After a few hiccups and some political drama in the workplace, I decided that I never wanted to work for someone else again and had a surge of energy to jump head first into starting a wedding and portrait photography business after years of developing my skill set.  We moved back to Fort Collins, CO, my home town and this is where the babes and business journey really began.

Why I Started The Rad Mommy Blog
Over the last 5 years, I took my small photography business and grew it into more than I could have imagined. My income every year has continued to far exceed my expectations, and I truly believe it’s all because I believe in working in the “flow.” I’m also a huge advocate of putting energy and effort into the things that provide a return, and not wasting your time (or money) on things that don’t. This is critical when it comes to managing a family and a business. Throughout this time, my two lovely daughters were born; Eleanor Quin in August 2014 and June Dorothy in December 2016. Since then, I’ve been operating with about 1/4 of my brain capacity, but hey, when you’re efficient and set yourself up to be successful you actually have the ability to work less and make more.  This is primarily why I started the The Rad Mommy blog. I want moms out there to be encouraged that balance is possible while working, and we are all fighting that same fight.

Let’s be rad. Let’s be mommies. You got this!

**Photo by Tiffany Rebecca Photograpy/Chatty Gus Studios (edited by me at BlueHaus Studios)