Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing what your skills are and what they aren’t.

I remember hearing a statistic a long time ago, that you should spend 80% of your time on the things you are good at, and 20% of your time on the things that are challenging for you. This can translate into your personal or professional life so easily! You most likely won’t start a company doing something that you hate, or stay in a job long doing things that are unnatural for you.

Having awareness that something might not be a good fit is so key in life so you are not constantly spinning your wheels trying to be someone you’re not or do something that you will never be talented at doing. Of course there are things that we can be better at with hard work and practice, but you can’t necessarily force yourself to love something that you just don’t.

For me, this is laundry.

I am actually great at washing the laundry, but I am HORRIBLE at folding the laundry and putting it away.

I just can’t.

Never have, and never will.

I think I have adult ADHD sometimes because I have a hard time sitting still and laundry is torture for that reason. My laundry just tends to pile up, especially now that we have 2 kids. It takes over our bedroom, the living room and every nook and cranny that you can throw a dirty shirt into. There are so many things to wash in our house, and I just can’t keep up.

I always felt so torn because it felt like I should be putting that energy into my business because I make money doing that, and I don’t make money doing the laundry. It has been a big source of contention in my marriage at times, and is stressful for all parties involved, including myself.

What was my solution you might ask?

The Laundry Fairy!

Now who is this Laundry Fairy I speak of?

It’s our college student personal assistant/nanny, Cassidi.

We will talk way more about the importance of outsourcing, but this a great example. Our family doesn’t function well without clean clothes and I just never seem to be able to consistently get it done. When I finally brought Cassidi in to fold and put away all of the clothes, my problems disappeared. Now, every Thursday, I make sure the clothes are washed and dried. She comes over while the kids are napping and puts everything away.

It 1) Got me into the habit of doing our laundry 1x per week, but 2) Took the pressure off of me to spend time on something that I hated. We are all much happier now with the plethora of clean clothes we have!

Now I know that not everyone feels like it’s realistic to bring someone into your house to help manage these types of things, but you have to be creative if you want to function better. This could be outsourcing your blogging, bookkeeping, grocery shopping or even becoming a better delegater at work. It takes energy to get to this point, but so does wasting your energy on things that keep you out of your natural rhythms and flows.

So if I can give you one challenge for today, that’s figure out something to outsource.

I promise, you will find way more joy and less dread in your daily life if you do this.

P.S. Can I get a round of applause for Cassidi? She let me take this silly picture of her. She’s such a good sport <3.