7 Reasons We No Longer Embrace The ‘No-Gifts Birthday Party’

Guest Post By Colorado Wedding Photographer, Chris Loring Our son will be 6 in September. For his birthday parties, we have always told guests that their presence in his life was a gift, and that showering him with toys was simply not necessary, nor was it expected.  We encouraged guests to simply come and enjoy themselves and for the most part his birthday parties have been free of colorful wrappings and bows and bags. To be honest, we felt great about this. In theory, it’s a noble principle: make children's birthday parties about friends and family, not about gifts or acquiring new things. In some way, we also believed that it was a play against commercialism and the acquisition of piles of meaningless, quickly-forgotten things. I’ve read so many well-meaning articles on this topic; my gut reaction [...]

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How Being A Germaphobe Is Making Your Family Sick (Guest Post By The Hippie Dippie Mom)

Hand sanitizer hooked on the diaper bag. Spare hand sanitizer inside the purse or car. Wipes for the hands, wipes for the nose, wipes for the pacifier. Antibacterial soap in every bathroom. "Don't pick that up off the floor!" "Don't get dirty!" Raise your hand if this is you! That was definitely me when I was a new mom! So many moms I know are total germaphobes. Being a Registered Nurse, I was one too. There's a policy at the hospital I work at that states I have to carry the approved brand of hand sanitizer on me at all times while I'm clocked in. We've been taught that being germ free is key to not getting sick. Then, I learned that being too clean can be harmful to health. People actually have more bacterial cells than [...]

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6 Ways To Deal With Anger While Parenting

Some days I just snap. I don't know what it is that officially puts me over the limit, but I have a hard time dealing with anger as a parent sometimes. I can't tell if it's a mix of frustration, exhaustion, busyness, depression or what, but some days are not very pleasant in our house. I would imagine juggling trying to work and parent adds to the intensity of the stress level. I am also feisty too, so I am sure that doesn't help. I didn't officially come from an Italian family but I sure feel Italian sometimes. As a mom, I wonder why I often get pushed to my limits when I love my kids so much. I feel like I'm pretty patient most of the time, but when something gets me fired up it's hard to take [...]

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Love/Hate Relationship With Being A Working Mom

There are days I thank my lucky stars I’m a working mom. Like those days when my kids wake up on the wrong side of the bed and I hand them over to grandma and say "good luck" as I dash back to my car, running late for my first meeting. But then that same day, I may get a text from grandma with my daughter’s face full of spaghetti and I think about all those sweet moments I’m missing and my heart breaks a little. This is the life of a working mom. It’s up and down, a constant emotional roller coaster. I ride the high of being able to talk to an adult every single day, a luxury many stay at home moms don’t have. I can also eat lunch at my own pace [...]

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Why You Need A Laundry Fairy

Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing what your skills are and what they aren't. I remember hearing a statistic a long time ago, that you should spend 80% of your time on the things you are good at, and 20% of your time on the things that are challenging for you. This can translate into your personal or professional life so easily! You most likely won't start a company doing something that you hate, or stay in a job long doing things that are unnatural for you. Having awareness that something might not be a good fit is so key in life so you are not constantly spinning your wheels trying to be someone you're not or do something that you will never be talented at doing. Of course there are things that we [...]

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5 Steps For Taking Self-Portraits With Your DSLR (VIDEO Included)

One of the saddest parts about being a mom is that I rarely make it into my family photos. Even worse, I'm a photographer so I should have more pictures of myself because I have access to a camera and a lot of photographer friends, but there is always an excuse. I always feel too chubby (especially 3 months after having a 2nd baby!), my hair never does what I want, I can never find the right clothes; there is always SOMETHING. You would think us moms were extinct? Am I right here? Well you know what, there actually is something we CAN and SHOULD do about this. Just get in those pictures moms! Push past how uncomfortable you feel. Your kids want to remember you when they're older, so just let [...]

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My Child Is Being a Terror and I Just Need to Finish Responding to Emails

The email struggle is real. I felt like this topic would be a great one to jumpstart our content posting. In fact, as I'm writing this my 2.5 year old is sitting in my lap and crying because she just fell down on a rope feature at this local kid's coffee shop we go to. I'm trying to get work done while she is grabbing at the positive reinforcement fruit snacks in my pocket and bumping me with every move she makes. Sitting on the floor in her carseat is my 3 month old, just chilling out and sleeping with the occasional stir looking for her Wubbanub (best pacifier ever!!). My 2.5 year old just decided she was done sitting in my lap, and is now trying to rock my newborn's carseat with her foot rather [...]

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Welcome To The Rad Mommy Blog // An Inspiring And Empowering Blog For Entrepreneur And Working Moms

  Welcome to The Rad Mommy blog! My goal is to inspire and empower mommies in their professional and personal lives to be content with the chaos that being an entrepreneur or working mom brings to the table. I don't have all the answers and I didn't just want to start a blog that was going to be filled with the latest trends or products, but I wanted to create a community of support and understanding so mommies can feel motivated to rock out mommy-hood in every aspect of their life. Of course my plan is to have a mix of it all plus AMAZING resources, but at the heart of my vision is a lot of fun and a network of support. What We Will Feature On Our Mommy Blog -Rad Moms in the world (we will be sporadically [...]

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