Meet Chloe, Owner of Baby Bear Outfitters

Name: Chloe Martin Business Name: Baby Bear Outfitters Business Description: I own my business, Baby Bear Outfitters, along with being a mom to my 1 year old daughter and I manage two apartment complexes. Each day is different, but usually includes coming up with new Facebook ads, taking photos for social media posts, making and shipping orders during Emma's nap time (this takes up most of my time), and researching ways to make our products better. How long have owned your business: I have owned my business for just over one year. How many kids do you have: Just one, Emma and she is one. What’s your daily schedule typically like: Wake up and eat with Emma and my husband Nate, take some photos for either advertisements or blog posts, take a trip to our storage unit and the [...]

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Meet “Rad Mommy” Alba Ramirez // Abstract Artist + Etsy Shop Owner

Name: Alba Ramirez Business/Occupation: Abstract Artist Business Description: I'm an abstract artist and my duties include creating pieces of art that give any room life. I try to create at least one to two paintings per week. I also do commissioned work depending on the type of style the client is looking for. How long have you been painting: I started painting in 2014, but did not really get serious until 2017. Trying to experiment with different mediums and styles; I think the abstract art relates to a big group of people. How many kids do you have: I have one son and he is 4 months old; his name is Xander. He inspired me to go full time with creating art. What’s your daily schedule typically like: I was working full time up until I gave birth. Now, I have decided to [...]

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Meet Laura Jennings // Owner of Laura Jennings Photography

Name: Laura Jennings Business Name: Laura Jennings Photography, LLC Business Description:  I am a full time wedding and family sunset photographer living the dream in sunny Northwest Florida!  I specialize in sunset family and destination weddings along the coast of our beautiful beaches! How long have owned your business: I have been a photographer for 8 years now, wow! How many kids do you have: I am blessed enough to be the Momma to 3 beautiful kiddos.  Alexis (16), Connor (8) and Ascher (2). What’s your daily schedule typically like: Once I get the two kiddos off to school, it's me and the baby for the day.  We edit, take calls, play at the park, do all the cleaning and shopping, pick up the others from school, edit some more and do homework, dinner, sports practices, [...]

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Meet Erica Uzpen // Director of Nursing At The Larimer County Jail

Name: Erica Uzpen Occupation: Director of Nursing at the Larimer County Jail Duty Description: The director of nursing assists with day to day operations of the jail medical department. The Larimer County Jail holds 500-600 inmates and we provide 24 hour, around the clock nursing care. I supervise approximately 24 medical staff members. I am also the CPR trainer for the medical department, having recently obtained my CPR instructor certification thru the American Red Cross. How long have you been there: I have worked at the Larimer County Jail since September 2010. I have been the director of nursing since October 30th, 2016. Tell us about your family and kids: I am a mom to three spirited kids. Ashlynn is 15 years old and a freshman in high school. She participates in choir and is working on dog [...]

Meet Nicole Ketchum // Owner Of Chandelier By NK // A Party + Home Decor Company

Name: Nicole Ketchum Business Name: Chandelier By NK Business Description: I run an acrylic party and home decor company. How long have owned your business: Since 2014 How many kids do you have: 1 girl, 2.5 yr old, Talulah "Lulu." She's in the photo with the yellow octopus! What’s your daily schedule typically like: I get up at 5:45 am, shower and drink coffee and get ready for the morning. Lulu is up at 7, and we have breakfast and then I do emails and work from 8-9. Then from 9 to 1:30, it's all Lulu until her nap. I do the naptime hustle and work from 1:30-3:30. Then I make dinner, work again from 5:30-7, eat dinner with my husband at 7:30 and either work more, or relax. Phew! I do get the gym in, and [...]

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Hi, I’m Ashley (aka The Rad Mommy)

I'm Ashley, Aka The Rad Mommy. No, I am actually not that cool. I'm not a trendsetter; my normal outfits consist of yoga pants and North Face fleeces with little variety. I rarely wear more makeup than a little powder and mascara these days, and I never plan to wear jeans again after having two children because leggings are too comfortable to give up. I do love neon and super colorful things though, so that's a little rad. I live in Colorado beer country, in a not-so-big-not-so-little city named Fort Collins. I have two daughters, a 2.5 year old spunky toddler named Eleanor Quin, and an almost 4 month old named June Dorothy. I want a third baby, but we will see what the future holds. I'm married to a football loving Kansas boy who I [...]

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