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I'm a wedding & portrait photographer who recently started the Rad Mommy blog. My goal is to empower and inspire entrepreneur and working moms to find joy and purpose in all that multi-tasking. I'm super excited for our mom tribe to do life together. I'm a fan of wine, coffee, hiking, biking, skiing, my two pups, my spunky daughters (Eleanor + June), and my football crazed hubby.

7 Reasons We No Longer Embrace The ‘No-Gifts Birthday Party’

Guest Post By Colorado Wedding Photographer, Chris Loring Our son will be 6 in September. For his birthday parties, we have always told guests that their presence in his life was a gift, and that showering him with toys was simply not necessary, nor was it expected.  We encouraged guests to simply come and enjoy themselves and for the most part his birthday parties have been free of colorful wrappings and bows and bags. To be honest, we felt great about this. In theory, it’s a noble principle: make children's birthday parties about friends and family, not about gifts or acquiring new things. In some way, we also believed that it was a play against commercialism and the acquisition of piles of meaningless, quickly-forgotten things. I’ve read so many well-meaning articles on this topic; my gut reaction [...]

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Meet Chloe, Owner of Baby Bear Outfitters

Name: Chloe Martin Business Name: Baby Bear Outfitters Business Description: I own my business, Baby Bear Outfitters, along with being a mom to my 1 year old daughter and I manage two apartment complexes. Each day is different, but usually includes coming up with new Facebook ads, taking photos for social media posts, making and shipping orders during Emma's nap time (this takes up most of my time), and researching ways to make our products better. How long have owned your business: I have owned my business for just over one year. How many kids do you have: Just one, Emma and she is one. What’s your daily schedule typically like: Wake up and eat with Emma and my husband Nate, take some photos for either advertisements or blog posts, take a trip to our storage unit and the [...]

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My Journey To Becoming A #MOMBOSS Entrepreneur (Podcast)

Listen to this podcast to hear about my journey to becoming a mom entrepreneur. It was a CRAZY journey, and something that I felt called to throughout my life. It first started for me as child of small business owners, developed during college and then became a reality when I was FIRED from my first real world job. Hear about it all in the podcast. I hope you can connect and can relate to my story, because few people know exactly what they want to do with their lives. It's a process, a journey and a calling.

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5 Ways To Stop Social Media Marketing Burnout

Oh man, this one is a big one for me. The pressure to constantly be posting things; it can totally steal my joy. How do we make social media marketing feel less draining? I mean, we have to be present on social media these days if we want to continue booking clients, right?! What would happen to our businesses if we just stopped posting regularly? It doesn't have to be all or none. And like always, I am sure I can take my own advice on this because sometimes I am not as organized. Curse of the creative I tell you. It's hard to sit down and organize things because I work well in chaos, including a war zone looking desk. I also work well when things are not as chaotic and see the benefit of [...]

6 Ways To Deal With Anger While Parenting

Some days I just snap. I don't know what it is that officially puts me over the limit, but I have a hard time dealing with anger as a parent sometimes. I can't tell if it's a mix of frustration, exhaustion, busyness, depression or what, but some days are not very pleasant in our house. I would imagine juggling trying to work and parent adds to the intensity of the stress level. I am also feisty too, so I am sure that doesn't help. I didn't officially come from an Italian family but I sure feel Italian sometimes. As a mom, I wonder why I often get pushed to my limits when I love my kids so much. I feel like I'm pretty patient most of the time, but when something gets me fired up it's hard to take [...]

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Meet “Rad Mommy” Alba Ramirez // Abstract Artist + Etsy Shop Owner

Name: Alba Ramirez Business/Occupation: Abstract Artist Business Description: I'm an abstract artist and my duties include creating pieces of art that give any room life. I try to create at least one to two paintings per week. I also do commissioned work depending on the type of style the client is looking for. How long have you been painting: I started painting in 2014, but did not really get serious until 2017. Trying to experiment with different mediums and styles; I think the abstract art relates to a big group of people. How many kids do you have: I have one son and he is 4 months old; his name is Xander. He inspired me to go full time with creating art. What’s your daily schedule typically like: I was working full time up until I gave birth. Now, I have decided to [...]

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Meet Laura Jennings // Owner of Laura Jennings Photography

Name: Laura Jennings Business Name: Laura Jennings Photography, LLC Business Description:  I am a full time wedding and family sunset photographer living the dream in sunny Northwest Florida!  I specialize in sunset family and destination weddings along the coast of our beautiful beaches! How long have owned your business: I have been a photographer for 8 years now, wow! How many kids do you have: I am blessed enough to be the Momma to 3 beautiful kiddos.  Alexis (16), Connor (8) and Ascher (2). What’s your daily schedule typically like: Once I get the two kiddos off to school, it's me and the baby for the day.  We edit, take calls, play at the park, do all the cleaning and shopping, pick up the others from school, edit some more and do homework, dinner, sports practices, [...]

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Why You Need A Laundry Fairy

Part of becoming a successful entrepreneur is knowing what your skills are and what they aren't. I remember hearing a statistic a long time ago, that you should spend 80% of your time on the things you are good at, and 20% of your time on the things that are challenging for you. This can translate into your personal or professional life so easily! You most likely won't start a company doing something that you hate, or stay in a job long doing things that are unnatural for you. Having awareness that something might not be a good fit is so key in life so you are not constantly spinning your wheels trying to be someone you're not or do something that you will never be talented at doing. Of course there are things that we [...]

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Meet Erica Uzpen // Director of Nursing At The Larimer County Jail

Name: Erica Uzpen Occupation: Director of Nursing at the Larimer County Jail Duty Description: The director of nursing assists with day to day operations of the jail medical department. The Larimer County Jail holds 500-600 inmates and we provide 24 hour, around the clock nursing care. I supervise approximately 24 medical staff members. I am also the CPR trainer for the medical department, having recently obtained my CPR instructor certification thru the American Red Cross. How long have you been there: I have worked at the Larimer County Jail since September 2010. I have been the director of nursing since October 30th, 2016. Tell us about your family and kids: I am a mom to three spirited kids. Ashlynn is 15 years old and a freshman in high school. She participates in choir and is working on dog [...]

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