How Being A Germaphobe Is Making Your Family Sick (Guest Post By The Hippie Dippie Mom)

Hand sanitizer hooked on the diaper bag. Spare hand sanitizer inside the purse or car. Wipes for the hands, wipes for the nose, wipes for the pacifier. Antibacterial soap in every bathroom. "Don't pick that up off the floor!" "Don't get dirty!" Raise your hand if this is you! That was definitely me when I was a new mom! So many moms I know are total germaphobes. Being a Registered Nurse, I was one too. There's a policy at the hospital I work at that states I have to carry the approved brand of hand sanitizer on me at all times while I'm clocked in. We've been taught that being germ free is key to not getting sick. Then, I learned that being too clean can be harmful to health. People actually have more bacterial cells than [...]