One of the saddest parts about being a mom is that I rarely make it into my family photos. Even worse, I’m a photographer so I should have more pictures of myself because I have access to a camera and a lot of photographer friends, but there is always an excuse. I always feel too chubby (especially 3 months after having a 2nd baby!), my hair never does what I want, I can never find the right clothes; there is always SOMETHING.

You would think us moms were extinct? Am I right here?

Well you know what, there actually is something we CAN and SHOULD do about this. Just get in those pictures moms! Push past how uncomfortable you feel. Your kids want to remember you when they’re older, so just let yourself love the #mombod and have confidence that you are worthy enough to be documented and deserve that honor. Even if you don’t love the photos right away, I guarantee you will look back at them with love someday because they preserved such great memories.

So how do we get in the photos?

Why of course, we take self-portraits! This is actually very different than the duck-face selfies that we did in 2008 during our college and kid-free years.

Self-portraits are also great for marketing purposes AND for having things to put on social media.

Our businesses are truly our brand these days, and people want to relate to us. In order to relate to someone, you need to see them. This is marketing 101 you guys, and I have been so bad at it because I like to hide behind my camera and untag every photo of me that looks a tad bit unflattering.

To get you started, watch my short 3.5 minute tutorial on taking self-portraits with your DSLR and Tripod (optional). It will be so worth it. Even if you don’t know how to use your camera that well, you can still follow these steps (especially by manually focusing your lens). If there is one thing you can do this week moms, GET IN A PHOTO WITH YOUR KIDS.

5 Steps For Taking Self-Portraits With Your DSLR

Want to get into photography?
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